Stacey Hellow, PhD, LCSW

Dr. Hellow provides social and psychological services to at risk adults, adolescents and children. She is married to a Retired Navy Veteran and is the mother/stepmom of seven She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Psychotherapist with a PhD in Psychology. She is also Trained in EMDR  CIT/CISM, and Family and Elder Mediation. Dr. Hellow has spent the past 24 years working with individuals, families, children, and adolescents.

She started her career as a Victim’s Advocate helping victims of crime. Dr. Hellow also has extensive experience working with Law Enforcement, Dispatch, and Corrections Officers, as well as Military Veterans, and their families. She also specializes in treating individuals with Anxiety and Depression, Trauma/PTSD from Sexual or Physical abuse, as well as Blended Families, Divorce and Marital issues. Dr. Hellow published the book entitled “I Should Know Better” which provides information and empowerment for victims of domestic violence. A majority of Dr. Hellow’s career has been spent working with victims of crime, dual diagnosis clients, and individuals suffering from severe mental illness. She believes that early intervention can help transform children and their parents into empowered families and individuals. Dr. Hellow utilizes a mixture of the cognitive behavioral, EMDR, solution focused, strengths based, empowerment, and postmodern theoretical approaches that assist individuals in consciously deciding what to focus on and not allow unwanted or intrusive thoughts in. These modalities also help a client to envision a future and acquire the coping mechanisms and skills to achieve the goals he/she desires.