Rev. Dr. Charmayne G. Davis


Charmayne, an ordained minister, has extensive experience in nonprofit administration, program development, grant administration and women’s rights. She holds a BS from Tennessee State University (Nashville, TN) and both a Masters and Doctorate from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY). Charmayne has over 14 years in grant writing experience, and 20 years in faith-based ministry. She served as executive director of Clothe-a-Child, a nonprofit child advocacy agency providing school clothing for disadvantaged children and youth in Louisville, KY. Presently, as the Grant Coordinator for the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office she has successfully been awarded over $3 million dollars in grant funds for the agency. Charmayne is a community advocate standing up for the rights and needs of at-risk individuals. In 2001, she founded the Freedom School summer enrichment project for at-risk children in Louisville. This groundbreaking project was a partnership between Louisville Seminary and Quinn Chapel AME Church and the first of its kind to be totally staffed by seminary students. Since that beginning, Freedom Schools have continued to be a sought after summer experience providing a safe and healthy learning environment for Louisville’s at-risk children.

In 1969, Charmayne’s maternal grandfather (Luther Sumlin) loss his battle with Leukemia. He had four brothers and three adult children at the time. For many suffering with Leukemia and other critical blood diseases a bone marrow transplant from a family member is the answer. However, in the 60’s this was unheard of technology. Years later, in the early 90’s she read about the life saving work of the National Marrow Donor Program to match unrelated donors when no family member is a marrow match. The idea that her grandfather’s life could have possibly been saved by a simple blood test preformed on a family members propelled her to join the bone marrow registry and champion for the cause recruiting over 15,000 unrelated potential donors to join the registry as well.

Charmayne is a certified Clergy Sexual Misconduct and Healthy Professional Boundaries Trainer. She advocates on behalf of victims of sexual misconduct in parish settings. A survivor of years of clergy sexual harassment in the church and finding no advocate in sight. Charmayne has become the advocate she so desperately needed. Her doctoral research on “Clergy Sexual Misconduct” examines the moral ethics of sexual misconduct within the church setting and its damaging effects on its victims, their families and the congregations in which the misconduct occurs. This trailblazing research brings healing and restoration as victims are empowered to recognize unhealthy boundary crossing and clergy are empowered to maintain healthy professional boundaries as they minister within their congregations. Charmayne’s doctoral dissertation “Clergy Sexual Misconduct in the African Methodist Episcopal Church is due to be published in late 2014.

Charmayne’s work in sexual misconduct and the mission of Inner Truth both seek to empower those who may believe themselves to be powerless. Each project alone is like a single finger but joined together with other likeminded individuals and agencies they become a mighty fist fighting for JUSTICE. Charmayne believes that there is good in the worst of us and bad in the best of us. Therefore, all are worthy of restoration. Her ministry of healing, compassion and divine empowerment calls us all to a place of ethical accountability and community service.

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